June 10, 2008

male voice over - lighting designer

Looking for a male (any age), who could record some lines for me within the next week. He should be familiar with reading lines off a page, ideally someone whose done some VO work before, and able to sound like the voice-over narration in the old film noir movies, without going over the top.The recording should take about an hour, and I can offer a small compensation for his time.

Looking for a lighting designer interested in recreating some film noir mood lighting for a dance performance. Load-in/tech on Monday, June 30th with evening shows Thursday, July 3rd - Sunday, July 6th and Thursday, July 10th - Sunday, July 13th. Pay involved.For info on the show, see "Eleven Missing Days" at: www.unknowntheater.com


Mikki del Monico

June 05, 2008

interview for the examiner

More blog coverage pre-book launch for Party Favors. Check out this article at:


The 3-minute interview: Nicole Sexton
Bill Sammon, The Examiner

WASHINGTON - Nicole Sexton became disillusioned with her job as a political fundraiser, so she quit and wrote “Party Favors,” a novel about her former line of work, due out next month. She is currently working for the ONE Campaign, Bono’s global advocacy group.

What turned you off about political fundraising?

The more I rose in my career, the more I was surrounded by people who did less personal investigation before they signed on to a candidate. It became more about the job and their own salaries. There are a lot of fundraisers who do not have a real grasp of what their candidates stand for. And I think that’s a very, very dangerous thing.

How do you think your tell-all novel will be received?

The fundraisers probably won’t be too happy. But I’m hopeful that everyone will gain some insight into the fundraising industry. Maybe that will start some positive dialogue about an industry that really needs some regulation and some oversight.

How is life different now that you’re working for a charity?

The biggest difference is a feeling of satisfaction and emotional fulfillment working for people who have no voice.

Sounds like you sleep better at night, despite the pay cut.

Yes, I sleep better at night. Life is about choices. You come to crossroads and you make decisions about what matters. And it’s not always about the money.

What do you find hopeful about Washington?

There seems to be a lot of people who share the same angst and discomfort that I have with the way things are done and the way people look the other way and don’t say anything about injustices. There are a lot of people who feel a little lost here. And it may sound odd, but I find some hope in that, because people aren’t comfortable with politics as usual. So when there’s that level of frustration, when it bubbles and builds enough, perhaps there will be radical change.