December 30, 2008

FestivALL in Charleston, WV


Dear Artisan,

Charleston Mayor Danny Jones and Executive Director Larry Groce invite you to apply for the fifth annual FestivALL Capitol Street Art Fair. The Fair will take place on Saturday, June 27, 2009, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Sunday, June 28, 2009, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

FestivALL will take place for a total of ten days, beginning on June 19, 2009. Events will include the Smoke on the Water Chili Cook-off, the Mayor’s Concert, the Fund for the Arts’ Blues, Brews & BBQ and Wine & All That Jazz, Mountain Stage, and performances involving theater, music, and dance, plus other visual arts and special events.

There will be local and regional marketing of FestivALL and events listings via website, rack cards, posters, fliers, billboards, print ads, radio and television commercials, and other promotions. This year the artisans who are juried into the Art Fair in March will be included in the printed schedules.

For the 2009 Art Fair all artisans are required to go through a formal jurying process in order to maintain a high level of quality and achieve a balanced mix of media for the Fair. The necessary information is enclosed with this letter. We welcome applications from artisans from across West Virginia and outside of the state, including emerging artisans.

Artisan evaluations of the 2008 Fair provided both positive feedback and suggestions for improvements. Based on these evaluations a number of changes are being made for 2009. These include:

• We have contracted with one supplier for all tents.

• The basic booth space is being increased from 8’ to 10’. Tents are being moved further away from the stages and fewer tents will be used between Lee and Washington Streets. All cars will be kept from parking on this block.

• A limited number of individual 10’ x 10’ tents will be made available, if possible, adjacent to Capitol Street.

• The number of demonstrators for children is being expanded to four on each of the two blocks.

• There will be overhead lights in each of the long tents. Individual electricity will continue to be provided wherever possible.

• Security will be enhanced, but all artisans who leave goods overnight do so at their own risk. Fair hours are being adjusted to allow artisans to remove their goods Saturday night and bring them back Sunday morning.

• Artisans will be limited to a total of two spaces (20’ frontage).

• Application fees have been raised due to increased costs per space. Note that FestivALL does not take a commission on sales.

Allied Artists and Tamarack continue to be partners in the production of the Art Fair and each have identified tents for artisans juried into their organizations. Allied Artists and Tamarack artisans will be juried for the Art Fair through the same process as all other applicants.

Ron DeWitt, Tamarack Artisan Services Director, is serving as the Chair of the Selections Committee, and all applications will be sent directly to him. The Committee includes two representatives each from Allied Artists, Tamarack, and unaffiliated artists. I also sit on this Committee. None of the Committee members will be exhibiting at the Fair.

We encourage you to apply by the early deadline in order to benefit from the reduced fees. All applications will be juried at the same time, on March 12 and 13, 2009. All checks will be held uncashed until after the jurying process. If your application is not accepted then your check will be returned. Notifications will be mailed out by April 3, 2009.

If you are interested in participating in this Fair, please submit the application form, a check for the appropriate fee, and five photos or a CD with five images for each separate medium. Please use postal tracking in sending your application and keep a copy of your verification of delivery.

This letter and the application and background materials are posted on the FestivALL web site,, This packet is also available by email or postal mail upon request. The web site will also have information about the other events for the 2009 FestivALL as updates become available.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at:

FestivALL Capitol Street Art Fair,
PO Box 234,
Duck, WV 25063

Sincerely yours,

Betty Rivard
FestivALL Capitol Street Art Fair

Former "Annie" star teaches Bound for Bway class in LA

I know Julie personally - you can use my name with her - Susan

Hello and Happy Holidays.

As you may already know, I am starting up a new ongoing class for kids, ages 8-17, who enjoy singing and performing. I will be offering them individual vocal and performance coaching as well as group singing. They will learn lots of new material which they will perform live, for parents and invited guests, once a month.

If you know of any kids who might be interested in the class, please let them know about
the website,, where they can get additional information.

Anyone who mentions your name when they enroll will get a $25 discount for their first
month of classes.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Julie Stevens

Call for Proposals:

International Conference
"Performing Arts Training Today"

April 21-24, 2009
Bovec, Slovenia

The conference is open to professional performers, performing arts educators and teachers from all over the world interested in the research of topical questions and processes in contemporary performing arts education and training.

At the moment the Conference is accepting presentation proposals.

• workshop/master class
• work in progress
• performance fragment (not requiring special technical conditions)
• reading/lecture
• any other way of demonstration to the presenter's discretion

ACCOMODATION & VENUE (Bovec mountain resort):
Nearest airports: Ljubljana (Slovenia), Trieste (Italy) or Klagenfurt (Austria).



You are also welcome to take part in the Conference as a Participant.

December 15, 2008


This is Part Two of our Personal Inventory as artists as we move into 2009. You can use the information you discovered in Part One to help you set goals for 2009 and beyond.

You will 9 blank pages. Write one heading per page:


Then under each of these headings, write:


So your layout should look like this:






Do this for each page heading. Once you have your structure set up, it’s time to fill in the blanks. Sometimes, it’s easiest to start with the 10 year mark and work backwards.

Where do you want to be in terms of your spiritual development in 10 years? If that’s your goal, what steps do you need to take this year to head toward that goal? What milestones do you think will mean progress at the 3 year and 5 year mark?

Ask yourself these questions for each subject heading. Feel free to jump around – no need to do them in any special order – and leave things blank if you’re just not sure. Again, there is no judgment in this exercise – this is about seeing where you need to focus new energy or where you are spending all of your time. Also, you can list several goals or you can just identify one goal per year – it’s entirely up to you to use this map in a way that’s helpful to plan your own life. There are no rules.

Also notice that I have separated business from creativity – as artists, we often get caught up in production or business concerns and spend our creative energy in those pursuits. Creating work is not the same as selling work! Look at what happens when you separate the two!

Here’s an example of how you might fill one out:


10 Year

- MOUNTAIN MAMA Production Company: funding, producing, creating films, tv, books and plays that further the empowerment of women, artists and Appalachians.

- Nominations for Pulitzer, Oscar and Emmy

5 Year

- The Constant Creator series has become new Artist’s Way.
- Ability to produce other artist’s work
- Play on Broadway
- Commercial Xmas movie creates financing for indie projects

3 Year

- Shot feature premieres at Sundance with theatrical release
- TV show on the air
- Mentropy is best seller
- Constant Creator series is completed and sold

1 Year - 2009

- Become WGA member
- Sell TV project
- Constant Creator proposal completed

teaching the arts

* Full Time Faculty Positions
MiraCosta College (California)
(date posted: 12/15/2008)

* Theatre
Gordon College (Ga.) (Georgia)
(date posted: 12/9/2008)

* Theatre Instructor
Lincoln Land Community College (Illinois)
(date posted: 12/11/2008)

* Programming Director
University of Iowa (Iowa)
(date posted: 12/15/2008)

* Clinical Assistant Professor in Dance Education
Rutgers University at New Brunswick (New Jersey)
(date posted: 12/14/2008)

* Assistant/Associate Professor of the Arts or Assistant/Associate Professor of
Professional Practice in the Arts
Columbia University (New York)
(date posted: 12/12/2008)

* Multiple Visiting Positions
College of Wooster (Ohio)
(date posted: 12/10/2008)

* Tenure-track Positions Available Beginning Fall 2009, Arts and Sciences
College of William and Mary (Virginia)
(date posted: 12/15/2008)

December 08, 2008

it's that time of year again - elizabeth's video!

Under the Mistletoe

end of year personal inventory

Artists -

For each month of 2008, place the events in your life, the pieces you created, the work you did, the people, places, parties, etc - that correspond to these aspects of your development:

- Emotional
- Mental
- Spiritual
- Physical

- Creative
- Business
- Finances
- Production

Here's an example of how a finished one might look:


PERSONAL: Turned 52

Emotional: Got enganged
Mental: Registered for Spanish class
Spiritual: Began meditating 10 minutes a day
Physical: Lost 5 pounds

CAREER: Got an agent

Creative: Joined a writer's group
Business: Did agent mailing, secured an agent
Finances: Was behind on rent
Production: Auditioned actors for play production

Please do this for every month of 2008 including December - based on your current plans. You may not be able to fill out every slot, or some slots may be really full while others are completely empty.

As you write, notice any patterns. Are you neglecting your spiritual self? Are you all work and no play? Are you in production mode all the time and not sewing the seeds of creativity?

No judgement, just notice - make the list, like a shopkeeper takes inventory.

teaching the arts

* Lecturer in Dance
Troy University (Alabama)
(date posted: 12/8/2008)

* Part-Time Ballet Faculty Position
California Institute of the Arts (California)
(date posted: 12/4/2008)

* Professor of Scenic Design and Lighting Design
University of California at Los Angeles (California)
(date posted: 12/8/2008)

* Assistant Professors - Voice
University of Delaware (Delaware)
(date posted: 12/8/2008)

* Technical Director
Young Harris College (Georgia)
(date posted: 12/2/2008)

* Assistant Professor Theatre - Scenic and Lighting Design
Young Harris College (Georgia)
(date posted: 12/2/2008)

* Assistant Professor, Dance (Jazz/Tap/Music Theatre)
Western Kentucky University (Kentucky)
(date posted: 12/5/2008)

* Lecturer, Art Education
University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth (Massachusetts)
(date posted: 12/4/2008)

* Chairperson-Department of Theatre and Dance/Professor of Theatre History/Dramatic
Winona State University (Minnesota)
(date posted: 12/4/2008)

* The Arthur Zankel Director of Arts Administration
Skidmore College (New York)
(date posted: 12/3/2008)

* Assistant Professor of Scenic Design
Elon University (North Carolina)
(date posted: 12/2/2008)

* Assistant Professor Positions
Kent State University (Ohio)
(date posted: 12/8/2008)

* One-year sabbatical replacement position in Dance at the Assistant Professor level
Franklin & Marshall College (Pennsylvania)
(date posted: 12/3/2008)

* Full-Time Faculty Positions
Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania)
(date posted: 12/8/2008)

* Make A Smart Move.... Full-time Faculty
Collin County Community College District (Texas)
(date posted: 12/8/2008)

December 06, 2008

grants for arts org serving kids

Coming Up Taller Awards Program Invites Nominations of Arts Programs for Underserved Children and Youth

Deadline: January 30, 2009

The President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities ( invites nominations for the 2009 Coming Up Taller Awards (

In partnership with the Institute of Museum and Library Services (, the National Endowment for the Arts (, and the National Endowment for the
Humanities (, PCAH is embarking on the twelfth year of the awards, which recognize the accomplishments of exceptional arts and humanities afterschool and out-of-school programs. Programs initiated by museums, libraries, performing arts organizations, universities, colleges, arts centers, community service organizations, schools, businesses, and eligible government entities are encouraged to participate.

To be eligible, nominated programs must operate as a program for children and youth outside the school day. However, preschool, afterschool, weekend, and/or summer programs may have a school based component or use school space. Programs must concentrate on children and youth who live in family and community circumstances that limit their opportunities, and must involve those children and youth as active participants in the arts or humanities experience. (Cultural programs in which children function only as an audience are not eligible.) Programs must provide participants with regularly scheduled sessions on an ongoing basis; one-time or occasional programs will not be considered. Programs must have been operational since January 2005 and must be administered by a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, unit of state or local government, or federally recognized tribal community or tribe.

Coming Up Taller finalists each receive $10,000, an individualized plaque, and an invitation to attend the Coming Up Taller Leadership Enhancement Conference.

Visit the Coming Up Taller Web site for complete program guidelines.

RFP Link:

For additional RFPs in Children and Youth, visit:

theatre lab

International Physical Theatre Laboratory
with Sergei Ostrenko (Russia)
July 1 - 12, 2009
Bovec, Slovenia

The Lab is open to professional performers from different creative genres and techniques inspired by Physical Theatre as a bold, vibrant and multidimensional approach to contemporary theater performance. The process includes intensive practical training and discussions.

The Lab will take place in the heart of the Alps at the mountain resort Bovec.
Hotel accommodation (11 nights) and meals (buffet breakfasts and lunches) are provided for participants.

If you would like to know more...

December 02, 2008

Free Arts Advice in LA



Individual artists and small budget organizations can benefit from free expert advice and information on various aspects of arts management on Saturday, December 6 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at an "Arts Tune-Up" at the Pomona College Museum of Art. Even though the event is free, it is recommended that participants register via SurveyMonkey:

Go to

The fast -paced "arts tune-up" format works like this: There will be several tables set up with an arts expert/consultant addressing a specific subject located at each table. Participants choose a topic they want to learn more about. After 25 minutes, participants rotate to another table with a topic of interest as the sessions repeat. There will be a total of 5 round-robin sessions of 25 minutes each. Participants are welcome to come by for an hour or stay for the entire

Topics for individual artists include Advocacy, Arts Education In-School Resources (K-12) & Working in Arts Education (K-12), Fundraising for Individual Artists, Getting Your Sh*t Together, Health Insurance for Individual Artists, Intro to Public Art, Legal Issues & Contracts,
Copyright and Collections, Marketing for Visual Artists, and PR (for Performing Artists).

Topics for small budget arts organizations include Advocacy, Arts Education In-School Resources (K-12) & Working in Arts Education (K-12), Board Leadership for Challenging Times, Fundraising for Organizations, Legal Issues & Contracts, Copyright and Collections, and Marketing for Organizations.



ARTS TUNE-UP for Individual Artists and Small Budget Arts Organizations


Saturday, December 6 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.


Pomona College Museum of Art Montgomery Art Center

333 N. College Way
Claremont, CA 91711-6344


FREE, but registration is recommended


REGISTER through SurveyMonkey.

Go to


Parking is available and free of charge.


Anji Gaspar-Milanovic
Internship and Technical Assistance Coordinator
Los Angeles County Arts Commission, 213 202-3981

The Arts Tune-Up is sponsored by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, Pomona College Museum of Art, Claremont Graduate University's Arts Management Program and Career Management Office, and in collaboration with LA Stage Alliance and Arts for LA.

The Los Angeles County Arts Commission, Laura Zucker, Executive Director, provides leadership in cultural services of all disciplines for the largest county in the United States, encompassing 88 municipalities. The Arts Commission provides leadership and staffing to
support the regional blueprint for arts education, Arts for All; administers a grants program that funds more than 300 nonprofit arts organizations annually; oversees the County's Civic Art Program for capital projects, funds the largest arts internship program in the country in conjunction with the Getty Foundation, programs the John Anson Ford Theatres and supports the Los Angeles County Cultural Calendar on The Commission also produces free community programs, including the L.A. Holiday Celebration broadcast nationally, and a year-round music program that funds more than 50 free concerts each year in public sites. The 2008-09 President of the Arts Commission is Betty Haagen.


Brooke Berman and Anne Garcia Romero are teaching a playwriting workshop in LA starting January 13 and running through February 7. We will meet on Tuesday nights, for writing exercises, and Saturday afternoons for longer, more focussed feedback sessions.

This is a great way to start your creative new year. Bring new work! Start new work! Renew the practice! You can expect the usual mix of luxurious writing exercises geared towards shaking up the unconscious, dipping into dream logic, and letting the writing itself be your guide. You can also expect longer feedback sessions each Saturday and a "Structure Lab" in which we will look at the structural element of the plays we love and find out what holds each world together.

Tuesday evenings are devoted to in-class writing exercises - the spine of the class - opening each writer's voice and connection to source material, accessing the deeper mind and imagination to create rich play material. On Saturday afternoons, writers will share pages with one another and receive feedback and support. This workshop is perfect for writers at all levels.

The workshop will be limited to 12 writers.

WHEN: TUESDAYS 7-9PM, Jan 13, 20, 27, Feb 3;
and SATURDAYS 12-3PM, Jan 17, 24, 31, Feb. 7

WHERE: The Fountain Theater, 5060 Fountain Avenue, LA, CA 90069,

COST: $450

QUESTIONS: Please contact Anne at 310-245-6452 or Or Brooke at 917-586-6744. or

TO RESERVE A SPACE: we ask for a deposit of half of the tuition in advance.


Brooke Berman's plays have been produced at Primary Stages, the Humana Festival, Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, The Second Stage in NYC, The Play Company, Naked Angels, WET and The Ohio Theater; developed at Arielle Tepper's SPF, The National Theatre in London, The Royal Court Theatre in London, Williamstown Theater Festival, Soho Rep, ASK,
Cleveland Playhouse, Clubbed Thumb, New Dramatists and numerous other places. She has been teaching creative process for 10 years and has taught playwriting at Eugene Lang College, University of Rochester, Primary Stages Theater School, New Dramatists in NYC as well as
through guest artist programs in the NYC public school system. Brooke is a graduate of the Juilliard School. Her plays will be published by Broadway Play Publishing in
2009 and by Playscripts.

Anne GarcĂ­a-Romero's plays have been developed and produced most notably at the New York Shakespeare Festival/Public Theater, Arielle Tepper Productions' Summer Play Festival, The Mark Taper Forum, and South Coast Repertory. She's taught at Cal Arts, UC Santa Barbara, UC
Riverside, Wesleyan University and Macalester College. She holds an MFA in Playwriting from the Yale School of Drama and is a an alumna of New Dramatists. Her plays are published by Broadway Play Publishing and NoPassport Press.

Both Brooke and Anne are resident playwrights at New Dramatists, a national organization that supports the work of playwrights. Both Brooke and Anne have studied with Maria Irene Fornes.

December 01, 2008

New York University invites you to Happy Hour!

Network with other LA-based NYU alumni, learn about alumni opportunities in LA, and raise a toast to NYU. Appetizers are on us!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
7:30 - 9:30 PM

2025 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, California

Please respond by providing your name, school and year of graduation to Kate Gavulis, 212-992-7617 or

teaching the arts

* Lecturer of Dance
Troy University (Alabama)
(date posted: 11/25/2008)

* Theatre Arts Instructor
Lake Tahoe Community College (California)
(date posted: 11/26/2008)

* Lecturer or Assistant Professor of Acting/Voice
Thorneloe University (Canada)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

* Art; Business (2); Chemistry; English (3); Reading (2); Theatre
North Hennepin Community College (Minnesota)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)

* Theatre
New York University (United Arab Emirates)
(date posted: 12/1/2008)