December 08, 2008

end of year personal inventory

Artists -

For each month of 2008, place the events in your life, the pieces you created, the work you did, the people, places, parties, etc - that correspond to these aspects of your development:

- Emotional
- Mental
- Spiritual
- Physical

- Creative
- Business
- Finances
- Production

Here's an example of how a finished one might look:


PERSONAL: Turned 52

Emotional: Got enganged
Mental: Registered for Spanish class
Spiritual: Began meditating 10 minutes a day
Physical: Lost 5 pounds

CAREER: Got an agent

Creative: Joined a writer's group
Business: Did agent mailing, secured an agent
Finances: Was behind on rent
Production: Auditioned actors for play production

Please do this for every month of 2008 including December - based on your current plans. You may not be able to fill out every slot, or some slots may be really full while others are completely empty.

As you write, notice any patterns. Are you neglecting your spiritual self? Are you all work and no play? Are you in production mode all the time and not sewing the seeds of creativity?

No judgement, just notice - make the list, like a shopkeeper takes inventory.

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