March 31, 2008

congrats to elizabeth!

The American Theatre Critics Association (ATCA) announced March 27 that Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder is the winner of its 2008 M. Elizabeth Osborn New Play Award for an emerging playwright. The award was presented March 29 at the Humana Festival of New American Plays in Louisville, KY.

Her play, Gee's Bend, was commissioned for the Alabama Shakespeare Festival's Southern Writers Project. It had a 2006 reading in the Project's Festival of New Plays and its fully-staged premiere in January 2007 at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. It has since toured the state and received productions elsewhere with more slated for 2008. A production of the play is currently being performed by Denver Center Theatre Company.

The Osborn award "is designed to recognize the work of an author who has not yet achieved national stature — e.g., has not had a significant New York production, been staged in more than a few regional theatres or received other major national awards." It carries a $1,000 prize, funded by the Foundation of the American Theatre Critics Association. Honorees are recognized in The Best Plays Theater Yearbook, the annual chronicle of United States edited by Jeffrey Eric Jenkins, now in its 89th year. Making the selection from plays nominated by ATCA members is the ATCA New Plays Committee, which also selects honorees for the Harold and Mimi Steinberg/ATCA New Play Award. The Osborn Award is usually presented at ATCA 's biannual winter conference in New York or (as this year) at the Humana Festival of New American Plays.

release by c. josephine hagerty

Check out C. Josephine Hagerty's new short film RELEASE starring one of my favorite people, Victor Williams.

Josephine - we are so proud of you for getting the work done!!!

new grants

Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge Invites Grants Applications for Arts and Cultural Programs
Deadline: June 1, 2008

The Grants Department of the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge ( ) is accepting grant applications for the Louisiana Decentralized Arts Funding Program, a state program designed to ensure that citizens in all Louisiana parishes have access to high quality arts and cultural programs.

The council administers this program for the following parishes: Ascension, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Iberville, Living- ston, Pointe Coupee, St. Helena, Tangipahoa, Washington, West Baton Rouge, and West Feliciana. Louisiana tax-exempt nonprofit organizations, government agencies (such as libraries or municipalities), schools, colleges, and universities are eligible to apply for programs in the areas of dance, design, folklife, literature, media, music, theater, and visual arts and crafts.

The department annually awards approximately $450,000 in total grant funds. The maximum grant request is $20,000, or half the available funds in each parish, whichever is less. Workshops to assist grantseekers are scheduled throughout April.

See the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge Web site for complete grant program information and workshop schedule. RFP Link:

For additional RFPs in Arts and Culture, visit:


Funding Exchange Announces New Guidelines for Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media
Deadline: May 15, 2008

The Funding Exchange's ( ) Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media supports media activism and grassroots organizing by funding the pre-production and distribution of social issue film and video projects as well as the production and distribution of radio projects made by local, state, national, or international organizations and individual media producers.

The fund invites applications for projects of all genres that address critical social and political issues, combine intellectual clarity with creative use of the medium, and demonstrate understanding of how the production will be used for progressive social justice organizing. The fund makes grants to radio projects in all production stages and to film and video projects in the pre-production or distribution stages only. The fund does not support production or post-production costs for film and video projects. The fund does not provide support to project budgets or projects of organizations with annual budgets of more than $500,000. The maximum grant award is $20,000; most grants range between $5,000 to $15,000.

See the Funding Exchange Web site to download complete program guidelines and an application form. RFP Link:

For additional RFPs in Arts and Culture, visit:

wga & sag women's reading series

You are cordially invited to the inaugural...


Thursday, April 3, 2008
7pm (Check-in 6:30-7:00)

The WGAW Committee of Women Writers joins forces with the ScreenActors Guild Women's Committee in the first of a New Series of collaborative staged readings, which include SAG actors performing in scenes written by WGA members. Works include unproduced screenplays, teleplays and stage plays written by WGA members. Scenes will be directed by members of the WGA, SAG and DGA Women's Committees.

WGA Members and their invited guests can rsvp by sending an email to Please include RSVP: Womens Reading in the subject line. In the body of your email, please list your name, the name ofyour guest(s), your contact phone and email, and your affiliation (eg: company, guild). The reading will be followed by a light dessert reception.

For more information please contact the WGAW DiversityDepartment at 323-782-4589

Writers Guild of America, West
7000 W. Third Street, (cross street Fairfax)
Los Angeles, CA 90048
WGAW Multipurpose Room, Second Floor

Parking is available at the WGA or on the street

Upcoming Screenwriting Contests

There is a new Script Pimp TV Contest. This year Script Pimp has launched a new TV division. They are accepting pilots, sitcoms, one-hour dramas, and reality shows.

Script Pimp TV Contest

Script Pimp Competition

Nicholl Fellowships


The Writers Place

an artist inspires another artist

Poet turah cadillac was so moved by a performance she saw, she wrote and emailed this poem for us to feel, hear and experience for ourselves. ENJOY.

by turah cadillac

last night i saw one of'um them spirits gave the big load to carry
bill t jones
his art
his art his art his art...
weighed and measured in movements given to those who have joined his troupe of
ambidextrous interpreters of the show nuff
color coated garblers shakin up saltthey bend their bodies till time stands still
rewinds to the place where art took the crash route
a father who kills his daughter for her breath to carry her own words
a psychotic rampager doin another kind of family intervention
rust colored headline news given the healing oils by this shamanic circle

medicine torsos twistin the deformed puzzlers riddle
doin whatever it takes to get at the holy tip
liftin dark magic gone awry see some shine
through the art of dance they spoke about the killin' spirit
not in glorifying misspent energy but to recognize it as a source of
power and might
a place where the soul travels to know the worth of life has value
is necessary as art
as art as art
as song as story as movementas song
as story as movement

After they tamed the roar after the audience had been filled with the rise up
bill t jones gave even more
he opened up the floor to the audience
i have finally found my hoodoo beggin' room
i know if he don't hear me full ways at least i did my very best
yes! i do have a question the scribe gives nothing until ink flows to the paper- i must write
it first cause if i don't out pops the gibberish heart thumpin babbler
dancin' the winged doll tourettes tongue jumpin up makin soup splash through the roof
the audience would laugh as i hunt for the strange vocabulary that
just flew out my mouth which will make all of me work up a sweat sure
to be some news story about a river over flowin in a town called yak
"mr. jones-where do u think the energy that your work exudes would go
if you
were not placing it- containing it in the dance the movements and the
"thats a great question- i don't know I think i would go mad..."

his voice his truth echos past this showcase

pleasure is an odd bird-to find the place where the hereafter speaks the sky torn in two can soothe the wildest woodworkers -to have discovered the art of the arts -to know and see and hear'um speak thebig winds- say to me "chile u think we really came here and picked cotton for hundreds and hundreds of years and not know who runs nature-umph umph umph...tell our stories daughta tell our stories"

between the cacaphony of dance and exploding music i kept rubbing my beaded bracelet saying to them hoodoo ridin' me urging me to hurry and get the loot to do their stories-i say: well yall there it is insteadof takin yaselves cross this cotton and flower field nation...out body
fire startin
plane crashin where i can
see ya! there it is! mr. bill t jones done figured out how to make it
work so gowan bother him! ok fine hollywood wanna keep ya in the unknown slave catagory but here this fellow carryin' hoodoo good-obviously his juice is the true shine-gowan now follow him!

of course as usual when i get my hoodoo chant goin strong all they say is:

its the only way daughta its our song its our story its our place to let freedom ring - we came here cause we wanted to we came knowin ain't nobody told our stories daughta aint nobody told our stories cause we gave'um to u to tell'um until then we ride the winds we body jump we make art daughta we make art...

March 29, 2008

post-creation transition

So often, as artists, we create our work driven not by deadlines or by paychecks but by that internal gut feeling that says - I MUST - and those pieces, plays, sculptures, paintings when they are completed often go in a drawer, sit in a studio, gather dust as we search for the next job that will pay the rent.

We lose momentum in the natural lull that comes from a post-creation exhaustion. We get over-extended and the focus becomes FOOD & SHELTER - two extremely important needs. We search for the new - maybe because we need a new infusion of energy, a new perspective, a new source of revenue.

Whatever the reason, we abandon the children we just raised for the cute little new face on the horizon.

Ask yourself: are there scripts or books or paintings or designs or arias that I've finished that are sitting somewhere unacknowledged?

Have you followed through and supported those creations to your maximum capacity? Have you sent them out into the world? Have you shown them to your mentor? Have you asked for help? Have you created a marketing plan? Have you tried to get a production team in place? Have you notified the press?

If not, why not?

What is stopping you?


Make a list of the pieces you've finished but done nothing with - list them all. Even if you're not happy with the quality of the work.

Pick your top two or three creations - the ones you are most proud to have accomplished. The ones that still make your heart jump a little or the ones that just need a little massaging. The ones that you will be proud to call your own.

Figure out what you need to do to take the next step with each of these pieces. List five things you can do in the next two weeks to bring attention to this work, connect this piece to the outside world.

Do those five things!!!!

March 27, 2008

teaching the arts

* Voice Instructor
Ouachita Baptist University (Arkansas)
(date posted: 3/24/2008)

* Assistant Professor of Dance
Saint Mary's College of California (California)
(date posted: 3/21/2008)

* Faculty position in Theatre Design/Technical Direction
Northwestern College (Iowa) (Iowa)
(date posted: 3/25/2008)

* Assistant Professor of Dance
Missouri Valley College (Missouri)
(date posted: 3/25/2008)

* Assistant Professor of Theatre and Film
Eastern New Mexico University (New Mexico)
(date posted: 3/24/2008)

* Multiple Openings
Clarion University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania)
(date posted: 3/24/2008)

* Accompanist/Assistant Music Director.
Pennsylvania State University at University Park (Pennsylvania)
(date posted: 3/24/2008)

* Assistant/Associate Professor in Original Works
Cornish College of the Arts (Washington)
(date posted: 3/24/2008)

* Instructor/Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre
Western Wyoming Community College (Wyoming)
(date posted: 3/21/2008)

March 25, 2008

oh a marketing we go...

The BEA is more than a month away and already my heart is pounding. As a “debut co-novelist” with a lead book meant to propel my publisher out of the realm of “hikers and bikers” into the land of Big Time Bestsellers, it’s up to us to somehow meet Oprah and convince her to sing the PARTY FAVOR praises.

I mean, really, is Oprah even coming to the BEA?

I've been reading HOW TO MARKET YOUR BOOK books for the last seven days solid and am so overwhelmed that I'm currently makings lists about my lists. I have lists about the top book markets, lists about movie and tv companies that might be interested in buying rights, lists of best seller lists, lists of distributors, lists of bloggers, lists of potential cross promotions, top book fairs, book awards, book reviewers, radio stations, local book stores, libraries and civic institutions.

And hey, guess what? I used to work in PR - it was my first "real" job in Manhattan back in the day. A job that caused me to stop reading newspapers when I realized a press release could just be reprinted intact and called truth. But the job made my Mom happy. It meant health insurance and a corporate ladder so I stayed for a bit and learned a great deal about fearlessness while cold calling and bribing reporters with free meals and trips.

So I'm familiar with spin. I get that you have to have a PLAN. In all caps. But suddenly, when it comes to my own work. I am officially out of my mind.

I think, as artists, this happens a great deal and I hope that by sharing my experiences as a novice novelist dealing with the publishing industry, you can learn from my mistakes and hopefully, from my ultimate success.

Tune in each day to see what trouble I'm creating for my publicist and publisher!


March 23, 2008

theatre conferece in slovenia

April 14-17, 2008
Bovec, Slovenia

Dear Colleagues, International University "Global Theatre Experience" is inviting colleagues to take part in the international performing arts conference in Slovenia. A small number of places for FREE participation in all events of the conference program are available on a competitive basis. Accommodation and meals expenses: 150 EUR.

We shall provide you with accommodation in a hotel in twin room (three nights), two meals per day (breakfast and lunch), tea/coffee breaks. The conference will take place in Bovec, the mountain resort and the ancient alpine town located in north-western Slovenia in the Trenta valley of the Julian Alps.

PROGRAMME: workshops, performances, works in progress, readings and lectures by conference presenters from UK, Sweden, Russia and USA:

· "Psychophysical Training Through Movement Improvisation" - Workshop by John Britton - director, performer, writer and educator, Senior Lecturer in Performance at the University of Huddersfield (UK).

· "Performer's Physicality: Biomechanics (Meyerhold), Psychological gesture (M.Chekhov), Physical action (Stanislavsky)" - Workshop by Sergei Ostrenko - theatre director and teacher (Russia).

· "Reflections on the total regeneration of a post high school, professional dancers training program" - Presentation by Fay Nenander - choreographer, teacher, Senior Advisor at The Ballet Academy Stockholm (Sweden).

· "Carnival Arts and Its Impact on Arts Education" - Presentation by Shabaka Thompson - cultural activist, social engineer, Director of the Yaa Asantewaa Arts and Community Centre, CEO of Carnival Village based in Notting Hill (UK).

· "Arts Education and the Disaffected Student" - Presentation by Annie Cornbleet - teacher, education consultant, expert in Creativity and the use of Arts Education, co-founder of CETTIE - Cultural Exchange Through Theatre In Education (UK).

· "Splendid Mummer" by Lonne Elder. A monodrama on the life of the outstanding Black actor: Ira Aldridge" - Presentation by Shango Baku - actor, writer, director, journalist, Artistic Director of CETTIE - Cultural Exchange Through Theatre In Education (UK).

· "Approaches to Movement-Based Theater" - Performance and lecture-demonstration by Pal Bernstein - performer, instructor of physical theater, professor at Rutgers University (USA).

REGISTRATION:To apply, candidates should send a CV and a brief letter of motivation to stating the title, dates and location of the event.



Michael Cooperman
Project Coordinator
International University
"Global Theatre Experience" (IUGTE)
T. +44 020 8133 2593
London, UK

March 21, 2008

upcoming grant deadlines

A Room Of Her Own Foundation Invites Applications for Literary Gift of Freedom Award
Deadline: October 31, 2008

A Room Of Her Own Foundation ( is dedicated to helping women artists achieve the privacy and financial support necessary to pursue their art. To this end, the foundation annually provides an award of $50,000 to a woman writer. The foundation's 2009 Literary Gift of Freedom Award will be given to an American woman writer who is a U.S. citizen and will be living in the U.S. during the grant period. Acceptable genres for this grant are poetry, playwriting, creative nonfiction, and fiction.

Visit the foundation's Web site for complete program guidelines. (Please note: The program requires an application fee.) RFP Link:

For additional RFPs in Arts and Culture, visit:


Arts Writers Grant Program Announces New Application Process for Book Proposals
Deadline: May 5, 2008 (Letter of Inquiry)

The Creative Capital Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant is a three-year pilot program designed to support writers whose work addresses contemporary visual art through project-based grants issued directly to individual authors. The grant program is spearheaded by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts ( ) as part of its broader Arts Writing Initiative and is administered by Creative Capital ( ).

Beginning with the program's 2008 grant cycle, applicants for book projects will no longer be required to submit a letter of strong interest/intent to publish from an editor as part of their proposal. In place of this requirement, the program is implementing a new Letter of Inquiry phase for all book proposals, which will serve as a gateway to the formal grant application process. The addition of the LOI phase and the elimination of the letter of strong interest/intent to publish will enable the Arts Writers Grant Program to process a higher volume of book proposals and to consider book projects at an earlier stage of their development.

LOIs will only be accepted from writers who meet the program's general eligibility requirements and who have been writing professionally on the contemporary visual arts on a regular basis for at least three years; or have previously published a book with a reputable publisher; or have completed a Ph.D. dissertation. There is no LOI phase for writers seeking support in other categories (articles, short-form writing, and blogs/new and alternative media). Those writers may apply directly to the program during the general application phase. (For these projects, the online grant application form opens on August 4, 2008. Grant applications are due September 22, 2008.)

For more information and to access the complete 2008 grant calendar, visit the program's Web site. RFP Link:

For additional RFPs in Arts and Culture, visit:


Dance/USA Announces Continued Funding for American Masterpieces: Dance - College Component
Deadline: May 19, 2008

Dance/USA ( ) has announced renewed funding for American Masterpieces: Dance - College Component through the support of the National Endowment for the Arts ( ). The AMDCC brings classic American dances of the past century to college students and audiences in communities across the United States. The NEA and Dance/USA welcome projects that embrace choreography from all forms and styles representing the cultural richness of the U.S. and its many dance traditions. Awards are available to reconstruct or restage works by master American choreographers of the twentieth century.

These works will increase students' access to and understanding of dance heritage and the role played by artists such as George Balanchine, Bob Fosse, Martha Graham, Susan Marshall, Meredith Monk, Jerome Robbins, and other artists. For all projects, public involvement within and/or beyond the academic community is critical. At each site, performances, panel discussions, lectures, school showings, open rehearsals, film or video showings, symposia or other activities should allow general audiences access to the history of the dance work and the process of creating choreography.

Other organizations may collaborate, including musical ensembles, dance companies, community-based dance organizations, presenting institutions, or elementary and high schools. It is permissible for several colleges to collaborate on one project. Awards will be made in the amount of $10,000 each.

For more information and to download the program guidelines, visit the Dance/USA Web site. RFP Link:

For additional RFPs in Arts and Culture, visit:


National Endowment for the Arts Invites Entries to Design Rosa Parks Statue for U.S. Capitol
Deadline: May 30, 2008.

The National Endowment for the Arts ( ) has announced a design competition, in partnership with the Joint Committee on the Library and the Office of the Architect of the Capitol ( ), for a statue of civil rights pio- neer Rosa Parks. Commissioned by the U.S. Congress, the sculp- ture will be permanently installed in National Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol Building. The Chrysler Foundation has pro- vided $100,00 to support the administration of the competition. The design competition, to be administered by the endowment, is open to U.S. citizens. Interested artists should submit an application, including a proposal for the sculpture and work samples that demonstrate their ability to cast large-scale bronze sculptures and to work in the portrait mode.

Proposals will be reviewed by a peer panel of experts and judged on artistic excellence and artistic merit. Up to ten semifinalists selected by the panel will be contracted by the Architect of the Capitol to produce a maquette, or small-scale model, of the proposed sculpture as well as a portrait drawing of Ms. Parks. Up to three finalists will be recommended to the Joint Committee on the Library, which will award the commission.

The selected artist will receive up to $250,000 to create the bronze statue and pedestal.

Competition guidelines are available on the NEA Web site. RFP Link:

For additional RFPs in Arts and Culture, visit:

Rockefeller Foundation Announces New York City Cultural Innovation Fund 2008 Competition
Deadline: April 4, 2008

The Rockefeller Foundation ( ) has announced the start of this year's New York City Cultural Innovation Fund competition. In 2007, its inaugural year, the fund awarded $2.6 million through sixteen two-year grants of $50,000 to $250,000 each for groundbreaking initiatives that enrich the city's cultural life, helping to ensure the continued economic strength and diversity of the city's creative sector.

Projects selected by the fund fall into one or more of the following categories: 1) programming and premieres of new artistic works that demonstrate innovation and can activate new directions in the artistic breadth and depth of institutions in the visual, performing, and media arts; 2) creative engagement with the issues shaping New York City's future cultural and civic agenda; 3) partnerships that bring cultural and community-based institutions together with universities and the private sector; and 4) interventions designed to confront longstanding bottle- necks and limitations to the expansion of cultural vitality with fresh approaches and solutions.

To qualify, organizations must be based in one of the five boroughs of New York City. Applications -- which must encompass innovative approaches -- should be submitted online through the Rockefeller Foundation's Web site by April 4, 2008. Shortly thereafter, applicants will learn whether or not they will be invited to submit full pro- posals, which will be due at a date to be announced in the summer. Those who participated in last year's inaugural Cultural Innovation Fund competition are encouraged to submit ideas again this year.

To learn more about applying for an award from the 2008 New York City Cultural Innovation Fund, visit the Rockefeller Foundation Web site. RFP Link:

For additional RFPs in Arts and Culture, visit:

March 20, 2008

hey - she has hair!


Very excited. I finally have pictures that look like me. Got new shots taken for the back cover of my upcoming book PARTY FAVORS. A few of them are posted here - let me know your fave.

And a big rave for photographer Melinda Dahl of DahlHouse Productions. She helped this camera shy writer relax and her work is simply beautiful.

Check out her site at or call 323.481.6845 or email and tell her Susan sent you.


I've updated the March 15th entry and hopefully, that link is working now.

March 17, 2008

book publicity

Creators -

As I move towards the publicity months for my first novel, I am anxious to hear from all of you, some of whom have already been through this process with your own books, what has worked, what you would do differently, what you wish you had known beforehand, etc.

Do book tours work?
Do book parties work?
Which blogs are most influential?
How do you decide which books to buy?
How do you get the word out about your own projects?

Let's share our resources and our ideas - respond to the COMMENTS section on my blog and I'll post your answers for all to see.

It's a new world out there for guerilla marketing - are we all doing the best job we can to get our work to the public?


looking into it

I've heard from a few Creators that the below email is not accepting scripts. I am looking into it now and should have an answer for you all soon. Check back later today.

March 15, 2008


Looking for full-length plays (80 to 110 minutes), all genres considered (prefer dark comedy, comedy, comedy/drama, no solo shows), for early summer production in Los Angeles. Play must be rehearsal- ready (no drafts), and a Los Angeles premiere. For questions, more information, and submissions, email



NYU Grad Film in Asia is looking for an experienced, full-time Stage Manager for its 2 film sound stages and black box theater. Must understand technical theater thoroughly, theater production, be super organized, and not be afraid of heavy lifting -- lighting, sound, etc... If you've had film production experience working on the technical side of a sound stage also ideal.

Wonderful job, high pay, and great benefits, which I can tell you more about if you're interested. This is a career position at a prestigious institution. Lots of room for growth and other opportunities.

Drop me an e-mail.




Hi there,

I just wanted to tell you all that I'll be leading a free market tour Saturday, March 29th for Step Up Women's network. Anyone can come and it's a fun interactive couple of hours and the women of Step UP are absolutely wonderful. I would love to see you there.

Date: Saturday, March 29th

Time: 10am-12pm (we are doing it a little earlier as this will help avoid the busiest time of the market)

Location: Santa Monica Farmer's Market, Northwest corner of 2nd and Arizona, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Food & Life Coach Susan Marque
"Love Your Body, Love Your Life"


Getty Images Offers Grants for Editorial Photography
Deadline: May 15, 2008; and November 15, 2008

Getty Images ( ) annually offer Grants for Editorial Photography to provide photojournalists with the time, freedom, and support necessary to produce doc- umentary features that raise the bar of visual excellence. Every year, Getty Images awards five photojournalists individual grants of $20,000 each. Grant recipients are given the opportun- ity to sign a one-year exclusive-rights deal with Getty Images whereby their work will be marketed and available for license to customers worldwide through, while retaining copyright of their imagery.

To apply for a Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography, applicants must be presently engaged as a professional photojournalist and apply as an individual. The next deadlines are May 15, 2008 (three grants to be announced in September 2008); and November 15, 2008 (two grants to be announced in February 2009).

Visit the Getty Images Web site for complete program information and application procedures. RFP Link:


San Francisco Arts Commission's Cultural Equity Grants Program Announces Opportunity for Native Americans
Deadline: April 1, 2008

The San Francisco Arts Commission ( ) has announced a new one-time grants opportunity to support pro- jects guided by strong and capable Native American artistic leadership for which there is resonance within the community. The Cultural Equity Grants program is open to applicants based in San Francisco whose activities are scheduled to take place June 15, 2008 - June 30, 2009, in the city and county of San Francisco. Grants are designed to support the wide spectrum of rich cultural traditions and contemporary artistic expressions that exist with- in today's Native American communities.

Native American describes people with indigenous North, Central, and South American heritage as well as Native Hawaiians, Samoans, and the indigenous people of Guam (whether enrolled, federally or nationally recognized, or not). To be eligible, an artist must have lived in San Francisco since July 2005; must be able to document at least a two-year history of creating and presenting original or tradition-based works to the community and/or public; and must not be enrolled as a full- time student. To be eligible, an organization must have a corporate address in San Francisco, a continuing existence and stable presence in the community, and ongoing operations as an organization; 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status or be a fiscally sponsored project; and have successfully completed at least two publicly accessible arts and/or cultural activities in the San Francisco within twenty- four months prior to the April 1 deadline.

Grants will be made in the following categories: Individual Artist Grants (ranging from $5,000 to $7,500 each); Presenting the Art Grants (ranging from $5,000 to $7,500 each); Building Sustainable Arts Grants (ranging from $7,500 to $15,000 each); and Mini-Grants (in amounts up to $1,000 each).

Visit the San Francisco Arts Commission Web site for complete program guidelines. RFP Link:


Hewlett Foundation and Theatre Communications Group Announce Program for San Francisco Arts Writers
Deadline: April 5, 2008

The Bay Area Commissioning Fund is part of a multi-pronged effort by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation ( ) and Theatre Communications Group ( ) to strengthen the presence of the San Francisco Bay Area in the national theater community. Through BACF, American Theatre magazine will establish and/or strengthen ongoing professional relationships with selected arts writers in the San Francisco Bay Area. The two-year program is designed to bring Bay Area theaters and artists to national attention by broadening and deepening the magazine's coverage of theater activities and issues in the region, and to heighten visibility for the region as a whole.

The program is open only to accomplished writers in the San Francisco Bay Area with outstanding knowledge (general or specialized) of the Bay Area performing arts scene. Four participating writers will be selected in both the 2008-09 and 2009-10 theatrical seasons. Each selected writer will be expected to complete three articles and will receive $2,500 over the course of his or her affiliation.

Complete program information is available at the Theatre Communications Group Web site. RFP Link:

Driehaus Foundation Offers Small Theater and Dance Funding Program for Chicago
Deadline: April 21, 2008; and September 8, 2008

The Driehaus Foundation's Small Theater and Dance Funding Program was designed specifically to address the needs of small professional performing arts companies in Chicago and continue the city's rich legacy in the performance of dance and theater. To that end, the program accepts proposals only from companies that emphasize professional presentation instead of education or community outreach. Use of grants in this program may be unrestricted.

Grants will range from $2,500 to $10,000 each, and will be made to dance and theater companies based in the Chicago metropolitan area with annual operating budgets of less than $150,000, and which have produced at least one show.

Visit the Driehaus Foundation Web site for further information. RFP Link:


Mid-America Arts Alliance Announces Latino Culture Project
Deadline: Open

The Mid-America Arts Alliance ( ) is accepting applications for the Latino Culture Project. The Latino Culture Project seeks to help presenters find connection points to Latino populations in their communities and educate their existing audiences about Latino culture. The applicant organization must be located in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, or Texas, and must be legally incorporated as a not-for-profit organization with IRS 501(c)(3) status or a unit of a state, local, or tribal government.

To be eligible, projects must occur between July 1, 2008, and June 30, 2009; include at least one performance open and pro- moted to the general public; and feature a professional per- forming artist/ensemble that are Latino or of Latino descent. The professional artist/ensemble needs to reside outside the applicant's state and metropolitan area. The maximum award will be for $3,000 each. Applications may be submitted beginning March 1, 2008. (Early submissions increase the possibility of funding.) Applications should be at received Mid-America Arts Alliance sixty days prior to the start of the project.

Visit the Mid-America Arts Alliance Web site for complete program information. RFP Link:

For additional RFPs in Arts and Culture, visit:

March 13, 2008

teaching the arts

* Drama Instructor Eastern Arizona College (Arizona) (date posted: 3/13/2008)

* Assistant Director of Bands University of Connecticut (Connecticut) (date posted: 3/10/2008)

* Contract Faculty Position: Acting Teacher, Department of Theatre and Dance Ball State University (Indiana) (date posted: 3/10/2008)

* Full Time Tenure Track and Non Track Faculty Positions Wilberforce University (Ohio) (date posted: 3/10/2008)

* Multiple Faculty Positions East Central University (Okla.) (Oklahoma) (date posted: 3/10/2008)

March 10, 2008

artist elizabeth mckee

On March 1st, I participated in a bookmark/card making workshop led by artist Elizabeth McKee. Beth has created a book called FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE that uses the poetry of Stephen Lewis, Robyn Sarah and James Oppenheim to help illuminate the continuing struggle for women's liberation around the world.

Elizabeth's book are stunningly beautiful and meticulously crafted. Each woman in the book is individually dressed and believe me, after making two of the women myself, I know how many hours Beth has put into this project!

You can check out the book at and you can also host or attend a workshop with Beth anywhere in the country.

It really is a community building/art/fun way to give back to your local charity and also, to be inspired to continue working and to FINISH your own projects.

site specific theater in LA

Are you a theatre-lover? A home owner? Why not combine the two and HOST AN EXCITING SITE-SPECIFIC PREMIERE of the new play FAMILY PLANNING.

FAMILY PLANNING is a brutally funny play about a late-thirties couple trying so hard to have a baby, they’re veering toward divorce. But this isn’t just another night at the theatre. Because FAMILY PLANNING will NOT be showing at a theatre near you.

Starting in June, 2008, FAMILY PLANNING will be performed in real living rooms in real homes.FAMILY PLANNING is looking for six Los Angeles-area homes to host our unique site-specific production.

Why should you host?

It’s a fresh, exhilarating, one-of-kind opportunity. As a host, you can:

watch behind the scenes as the actors rehearse and perform
show off your house to a captive audience
brag to your friends that you have the most innovative show in town… in your very own living room!
participate in a cutting-edge theatrical premiere
support The Arts in a truly unique way
write-off your generous offer to host as tax deductible!

If this sounds like an exciting idea to you, please contact us at for more details.

two grants

Mellon Foundation Grant Program to Support New York City's Small and Midsized Theaters
Deadline: March 12, 2008 (Intent to Apply)

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation ( ), in partnership with the New York Foundation for the Arts ( ), has redesigned the New York Theater Program to offer funding to New York City's small and midsized producing theaters. This program replaces the program that was formerly administered by the Alliance of Resident Theatres / New York. Theaters may now choose to apply on a competitive basis for either Core Program Support or Artistic Vision Support, depending on their respective organizational priorities.

The New York Theater Program will provide three-year funding to selected New York City producing theaters through an open-application and juried process. To be eligible for funding an organization must fit the following criteria: organization must be a producing theater in any of New York City's five boroughs; organization must have at least a five-year history as a 501(c)(3) organization, actively producing theater work; and organization's average operating expenses for FY06, 07, and 08 must be between $300,000 and $3.5 million per annum. The New York Theater Program is aimed at supporting producing theaters defined broadly to include traditional "season-based" resident theaters, ensemble theaters, and new-work incubators.

Visit the New York Foundation for the Arts Web site for complete application guidelines. RFP Link:


Open Society Institute Seeks Proposals for Documentary Photography Distribution
Grant Deadline: June 20, 2008

The Open Society Institute Documentary Photography Project is offering a grant to documentary photographers who have already completed a significant body of work on issues of social justice to collaborate with a partner organization and propose new ways of using photography as a tool for positive social change. All photographers must have another entity (such as a nonprofit, NGO, or community-based organization) that will work with the photographer to design an innovative distribution strategy that targets specific communities and advocates for social change.

To be eligible for support, proposals must: present strong images that are contextualized, when necessary, with text, sound, or other media; address a current social justice issue (preference will be given to work that coincides with the issues and geographical areas that concern OSI); and engage a specific audience, community, and/or site and use creative distribution strategies that are tailored specifically for that context. Applicants must partner with an organization that will provide administrative, programmatic, and financial and/or in-kind support. Grants of $5,000 to $30,000 each will be awarded.

For more information, please see the Distribution Grant guidelines at the OSI Web site. RFP Link:

For additional RFPs in Arts and Culture, visit:

audition dvd service in los angeles


Many of you have already worked with me or sent me your clients for Audition Coaching. After getting more and more requests for taped auditions, I have added a new service: I Coach, Film, and Edit you, and create an Audition DVD that I will also send out for you.

Again, the service includes the following:

(Via your service of choice-Fedex, Overnight, etc.)

Most sessions take around 1 HOUR, and you are done.


Gwen Mihok

March 06, 2008

teaching the arts

* Voice Faculty University of Arkansas at Fort Smith (Arkansas) (date posted: 3/3/2008)

* Faculty, Dance (DAN2008) Miami Dade College (Florida) (date posted: 3/4/2008)

* COLLABORATIVE PIANIST Columbus State University (Georgia) (date posted: 2/29/2008)

* Lecturer - Viola Valdosta State University (Georgia) (date posted: 3/2/2008)

* Assistant Professor of Music Southwestern College (Kan.) (Kansas) (date posted: 3/5/2008)

* Theatre Lecturer and Technical Director Old Dominion University (Virginia) (date posted: 3/3/2008)