March 25, 2008

oh a marketing we go...

The BEA is more than a month away and already my heart is pounding. As a “debut co-novelist” with a lead book meant to propel my publisher out of the realm of “hikers and bikers” into the land of Big Time Bestsellers, it’s up to us to somehow meet Oprah and convince her to sing the PARTY FAVOR praises.

I mean, really, is Oprah even coming to the BEA?

I've been reading HOW TO MARKET YOUR BOOK books for the last seven days solid and am so overwhelmed that I'm currently makings lists about my lists. I have lists about the top book markets, lists about movie and tv companies that might be interested in buying rights, lists of best seller lists, lists of distributors, lists of bloggers, lists of potential cross promotions, top book fairs, book awards, book reviewers, radio stations, local book stores, libraries and civic institutions.

And hey, guess what? I used to work in PR - it was my first "real" job in Manhattan back in the day. A job that caused me to stop reading newspapers when I realized a press release could just be reprinted intact and called truth. But the job made my Mom happy. It meant health insurance and a corporate ladder so I stayed for a bit and learned a great deal about fearlessness while cold calling and bribing reporters with free meals and trips.

So I'm familiar with spin. I get that you have to have a PLAN. In all caps. But suddenly, when it comes to my own work. I am officially out of my mind.

I think, as artists, this happens a great deal and I hope that by sharing my experiences as a novice novelist dealing with the publishing industry, you can learn from my mistakes and hopefully, from my ultimate success.

Tune in each day to see what trouble I'm creating for my publicist and publisher!


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