March 10, 2008

site specific theater in LA

Are you a theatre-lover? A home owner? Why not combine the two and HOST AN EXCITING SITE-SPECIFIC PREMIERE of the new play FAMILY PLANNING.

FAMILY PLANNING is a brutally funny play about a late-thirties couple trying so hard to have a baby, they’re veering toward divorce. But this isn’t just another night at the theatre. Because FAMILY PLANNING will NOT be showing at a theatre near you.

Starting in June, 2008, FAMILY PLANNING will be performed in real living rooms in real homes.FAMILY PLANNING is looking for six Los Angeles-area homes to host our unique site-specific production.

Why should you host?

It’s a fresh, exhilarating, one-of-kind opportunity. As a host, you can:

watch behind the scenes as the actors rehearse and perform
show off your house to a captive audience
brag to your friends that you have the most innovative show in town… in your very own living room!
participate in a cutting-edge theatrical premiere
support The Arts in a truly unique way
write-off your generous offer to host as tax deductible!

If this sounds like an exciting idea to you, please contact us at for more details.

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