October 25, 2007

teaching the arts

* Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities Florida Southern College (Florida) (date posted: 10/22/2007) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000528673-01&pg=e

* Assistant Professor in Voice University of South Florida (Florida) (date posted: 10/19/2007) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000530432-01&pg=e

* Multiple Positions Roosevelt University (Illinois) (date posted: 10/22/2007) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000529304-01&pg=e

* Assistant Professor, Lighting Design/Theatre Technology Western Kentucky University (Kentucky) (date posted: 10/24/2007) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000531426-01&pg=e

* Assistant Professor of Theatre and Dance Northwestern State University (Louisiana) (date posted: 10/25/2007) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000531495-01&pg=e

* Assistant Professor of Clarinet/Music Education Winona State University (Minnesota) (date posted: 10/19/2007) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000530230-01&pg=e

* Vocal Coach/Accompanist University of Mississippi (Mississippi) (date posted: 10/19/2007) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000530472-01&pg=e

* Theater Studies Washington University in St. Louis (Missouri) (date posted: 10/19/2007) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000530347-01&pg=e

* Associate Professor of Acting and Directing University of New Mexico (New Mexico) (date posted: 10/22/2007) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000529193-01&pg=e

* Assistant Professor in Dance, Tenure-track Skidmore College (New York) (date posted: 10/24/2007) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000531305-01&pg=e

* Multiple Positions State University of New York at Buffalo (New York) (date posted: 10/22/2007) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000529084-01&pg=e

* Assistant Professor of Dance Appalachian State University (North Carolina) (date posted: 10/19/2007) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000530463-01&pg=e

* Assistant Dean of Humanities and Performing Arts Roger Williams University (Rhode Island) (date posted: 10/22/2007) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000528272-01&pg=e

* Faculty - Voice Presbyterian College (South Carolina) (date posted: 10/23/2007) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000531018-01&pg=e

* Speech and Theatre and Director of Choral Activities Tennessee Wesleyan College (Tennessee) (date posted: 10/22/2007) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000527945-01&pg=e

* Musical Theatre/Acting Faculty Shenandoah University (Virginia) (date posted: 10/19/2007) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000530451-01&pg=e

* Faculty Vacancies 2008-2009 University of Wisconsin Colleges (Wisconsin) (date posted: 10/22/2007) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000527201-01&pg=e

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