October 11, 2007

today's creativity exercise

Think about the space where you create.

Is it full of books? Cramped and dark? Beautiful and well-organized? Inspiring? Draining? Quiet? Busy? Do you have a comfortable chair, adequate room to move, storage, supplies handy?

Maybe you prefer to work in public? Write in a cafe? Dance in a studio? Paint in a class or a residency program?

Maybe you don't have a designated area where you work.

Maybe it's time to create one.


Look around the space where you create - what can you change about it to make it more conducive to your creative process? What would you like to change? What do you wish you had?

If you don't have a space, think about what your ideal space would be - write it down, sketch it out, start asking people for it.

You don't have to make the changes today - just observe and think about what you would like to do.

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