October 18, 2007

your creative space

Visually and energetically, what are the things in your creative space offering to you? Is your space cramped - is it dark - is it bright with light or is it overflowing with books? You've already taken a visual inventory of your space. Now it's time to make some changes.


Clean up your work space. Clean the windows. Sweep the floors. Throw away the old piles of magazines or organize them for upcoming projects. Throw out pens that no longer write, books you never read and never wanted to, that basket of recycling that's just been sitting there.

Take one day to shake it up.

Change the photos that surround you. Change the art on the walls. Rearrange the furniture. Move the phone out of the room. Open the window or if you don't have a window, paint one on your wall.

Is there a way to separate your business work from your creative work? Can you do that visually or physically in your work space? Two different shelves? Two different filing cabinets? Split your bulletin board down the middle?

What do you really need? What can you let go?

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