December 13, 2007

teaching the arts

* Open Faculty Positions California State University at Los Angeles (California) (date posted: 12/10/2007)

* Assistant Professor of Dance Goucher College (Maryland) (date posted: 12/10/2007)

* Director of Design and Technical Curriculum, Music and Theater Arts Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts) (date posted: 12/10/2007)

* Director of Choral Programs Music Center of South Central Michigan (Michigan) (date posted: 12/10/2007)

* Assistant Professor of Musicology Oakland University (Michigan) (date posted: 12/10/2007)

* Head of School of Drama Carnegie Mellon University (Pennsylvania) (date posted: 12/10/2007)

* Applied Piano University of Houston Main Campus (Texas) (date posted: 12/13/2007)

* Assistant Professor of Theatre, Lighting and Scenic Design West Texas A&M University (Texas) (date posted: 12/12/2007)

* Various Faculty Positions Open, School of Communication and the Arts Regent University (Virginia) (date posted: 12/7/2007)

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