December 06, 2007

vote to help a dance company

Dear fellow NYU Alum, friends and advocates for the performing arts,

I hope you are well. I wanted to let you know about a new series of free web tools that we are developing to serve the performing arts and to ask for your help in getting the word out about an opportunity that we have to win $10,000 to help us create them. The contest runs for all of December, but the votes between now and Dec 7th are the most important so if you can help spread the word in the next few days that would be especially appreciated. I hope you will vote too!

Thank you for your consideration. I send my best wishes!

--Chris Elam, Misnomer Dance Theater, NYU Tisch MFA graduate 2001

In addition to creating dances, Misnomer Dance Theater has put together a proposal to build online tools for the dance world. Please take two minutes to vote for us on IdeaBlob to win $10,000 toward building these tools to share with dance and theater artists to help them increase bookings and revenue and give online audiences more engaging experiences. The web has created new opportunities for artists and we are asking you to help enable us to build these resources for the arts. This first round of voting ends December 7th, so we need you to support our idea on IdeaBlob today! With your vote and this $10k, we'll be creating exciting ways for people to discover arts online!

Vote here:

What will Misnomer do if we win $10,000 for this idea?Your vote will help us:

1) BUILD web-streaming capabilities for rehearsals enabling audiences to "attend" live rehearsals online and interact directly with artists.

2) CREATE an online theater in which visitors can watch and direct performances from multiple perspectives including back stage views, and performers' point of view via body mounted cameras.

3) DEVELOP tools to request and display the geography of artist's online audiences. Venues in new cities can then have ready-made audience bases.

We hope these online tools will help transform artist's websites into sites of participation. We anticipate this will create great impact in the arts world!
VOTE FOR US on IdeaBlob (reg req'd)!

Or, heck, register your own idea!

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  1. thanks so much for this post! it really made a difference. with your help, we won the $10k!!! IdeaBlob announced it today.

    for the full story, visit or Misnomer's Blog -