January 29, 2008

good dick at sundance

Yes, I know that sounds really dirty but in actuality GOOD DICK is the name of the movie written by, directed by, produced by and starring my new fave actress MARIANNA PALKA and her uber-sweet sweetie JASON RITTER.

For those of you familiar with Jason's work on JOAN OF ARCADIA or THE CLASS, you'll love the fiercely loyal but homeless, video-store clerk character Jason takes on in this surprisingly moving little film. You can't help but cheer him on, even when his actions seem to border on stalking and pathological lying.

But the real star of this film is Marianna who has not only created a complex character worthy of our attention but has also, as a young woman working in Hollywood, defined herself as a "must watch talent." A quadruple threat who can bend a man over a table and give it to him good.

That last line will make sense when you see the film.

And please, find a way to see this film. Not only is this couple extremely talented; they are also nice people - which just makes us want more and more success for them and this project.

Check out more information about Good Dick at: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0944101/

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