April 18, 2008

producers needed

"The New Girl Next Door" (a PSA) is the real story as told by prominent females of color representing various professions (Journalism, Athletics, Entertainment, Authors, Models, Entrepreneurs) speaking candidly to the next generation. The project will place a positive message in the public realm specifically intended for young females of color, approx. 13 to 21 years old, specifically targeting those living in our inner cities.

"The New Girl Next Door" is in search of "Fundraising" Producer (any location) and Two "Associate Producers," one in Los Angeles and one in NYC. Please note the bulk of the work for the Associate Producers will be in NYC. We currently have 25% of the funding in place, a fiscal sponsor, and conformation of three A-List females w/several more considering. Once selected for the interview process you will receive more details (treatment, principal conformations, crew bios, etc.) about the project (short synopsis below).

1. "Fundraising" Producer - Fee: Percentage
In search of an experienced professional to join an intimate creative team. You must have experience in securing major donor sponsorship. You should be bold, creative, and have a passion for the project. You will receive "Producer" credit and a generous percentage for all funding you bring to the table and given warm leads. This position is specifically geared for a seasoned professional, especially considering the caliber of the principals/subjects.

2. Associate Producer - Fee: Paid
In search of a professional and talented Associate Producer for documentary style interviews of 5 or more subjects. You must be highly organized and flexible with good communication, computer, and interpersonal skills. You need to be a detail-oriented individual w/excellent management skills. Additional experience: strong research skills, production scheduling, book crew, organize shoots, manage intern and more. You should have a strong background in field production and most importantly accustomed to dealing w/high profile personalities.

Please send your resume, links to work, and references w/full contact information to Mary at mavsil@earthlink.net

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