April 05, 2008

unique opp to get your work seen in NYC

GO LIGHT PRODUCTIONS is seeking artists who need technology and advertising space to make their digital art projects a reality in real-world spaces. Utilizing state-of-the-art digital imaging technology, advertisers have a new twist to traditional static billboards.

In simple terms, we are interested in any material that fits parameters as follows:- high contrast, bright colors- suitable for minors - we are showing in public, in the street- animated - maybe even short movies, or individual images in sequence (max.1,2 minutes)- hi-res files, to utilize the capability of the equipment- should work well without sound, silent

Work will be displayed at the corner of 72nd and B'way - a very busy corner with lots of pedestrian and auto traffic. We conceive it as a promotional event involving suitable artwork, non-profit just to illustrate the possibilities of the light projection medium and give artists an opportunityto show their work in an unconventional, yet highly effective manner. Our rental house will supply the most powerful technology available, we'll produce the event, send out invites, maybe even have a van or truck there hand out free drinks, sort of an "outdoor vernissage". Also, the technology would allow us to provide a "live-feed" from the street.

We are planning for the 3rd week of April, 3 consecutive nights, possibly longer - and we are working to get the material lined up right now.The lure of projecting powerful mega images as large as 400' by 400' ontoskyscrapers, sandy beaches, athletic fields and mountains motivated the founders Alex Vandoros and James Giddings to develop their ownstate-of-the-art mega format nighttime projection medium. By customizing the most potent projection technology available, GO LIGHT PROJECTIONS conceptualizes and executes creative mega images worldwide. With offices inNew York, Paris and Munich, GO LIGHT PROJECTIONS is capable of coordinating presentations in multiple cities simultaneously anywhere in the US or Western Europe.

Interested? Contact Alexander Vandoros at alex@gooutdoor.com.

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