May 09, 2008

free membership to


There is a really dynamic website that I would like to share:

This is a web-site that a friend of mine (Blake Roberts), who is an inspiring, loving, thoughtful & generous human being & artist started as an open forum for maintaining & documenting individual dreams. Blake has offered me & any of my friends free membership. So come on board & join!!!

Here is a little info about

Omebo is an online magazine dedicated solely to promoting, inspiring and helping people to live their dreams. Each month we do features on members of Omebo from all around the world who are want to share their story, their dreams and their world with us. We have a collection of some the most amazing and inspiring stories, told by individuals in their own words. Since the beginning of Omebo, we have three of our members who have already had their dreams come true, shortly having others read them and come to their aid. We also just gave out our first $1000.00 Ombeo members scholarship to a member to aid in helping them fulfill an immediate need. In addition to our popular Expressions section we have articles and entertainment and lots more to come!!!! Take a tour at

Here is how to sign up for free membership:

Go to click on the Sign UP and go directly to the sign up page. Then click on the drop down where it says type of membership, put in promo, then complete the rest of the information the bottom box it will ask for promotional code. type in friends1825 and you will have a free membership. Please feel free to give the promo code to anyone and everyone that you think might be interested in Omebo. For the next 90 days we are offering free memberships to anyone who wants to join the site. We don't allow anyone under the age of 14 years old however.

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