July 23, 2008

Book Signing for "Party Favor" Author Nicole Sexton

Check out this post about Nicole's upcoming book signing on Pamela's Punch:

As someone who has lived in the Washington area since 1990, I am fascinated by books that are set in this community and expose it openly from all sides (which is one of the reasons David Baldacci is one of my favorite authors). There’s a feeling of familiarity, of "oh, I know where that building/street/restaurant/movie theater/dark alley is!" Certainly, I am not alone in that thought, as more and more talented authors are exploding out of DC to our delight.

One such author is Nicole Sexton. In her former life, she was the 2nd ranking GOP fundraiser. In her current and probably, if I may, cooler life, she now works for the Bono and just finished her first novel entitled "Party Favors". Thursday the 24th, she will be at Capitol Hill’s Trover (221 Pennsylvania, SE) from 12pm-1pm for a book signing.

The novel "Party Favors" gives readers a delicious taste of what it’s like to move up through the ranks on the Hill from intern to the most powerful fundraiser for the Right party and all the "hi-jinks" that go with that experience. As this was written with Susan Johnston, a published playwright, the book will certainly provide a juicy and fun summer read.

Just who is Nicole Sexton? She is quite the insider of Washington’s life, had been the finance director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee and several President’s Dinners, so she knows her stuff inside and out. Best of all, she can articulate it extremely well. Her book is already selling like ice cream on a hot summer day in DC and shhh… could eventually be seen on the silver screen (think major Hollywood studios, folks).

Nicole is currently a top executive at Bono’s global advocacy organization the ONE campaign. She splits her time between DC and NYC and has an East Side restaurant in NYC.

If you can’t make it during your lunch hour Thursday-so sorry-but you can pick up your copy at any local bookstore or online.

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  1. Susan...
    Congrats on the book!
    I'm inspired by the same sunsets. SM keeps us sane in the wild world.