July 11, 2008


Diane sends us this opp:

Letting you know of a way to make money for an excellent cause, if you are feeling energetic and are gifted at sales.I am the Event Director for Celebrate Ballona!, a year long festival being organized by Ballona Institute to celebrate the public acquisition of the Balllona Wetlands near the Marina and LAX. We need salespeople to find folks to buy images in this gorgeous, collector's edition tribute book showpiece Ballona Institute is creating about the wetlands. People or companies who buy images will have their name elegantly printed beneath their photo. All proceeds from the book will go toward offsetting legal fees from helping to save the wetlands and toward ongoing stewardship, advocacy, and educational programs about Ballona.

In case you don't know, 91% of California's wetlands have been destroyed, a greater percentage than any other state in the nation. So Ballona is a real jewel--right in Los Angeles.There is no salary, but there is a 12% commission for all deals sealed by the salesperson from start to finish. And there are a ton of beautiful images to sell, ranging in price from $1000-$20000 a piece.So if you need some work and have the salesperson's touch, give me a shout! .


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