July 21, 2008

vitality productions call for submissions

Dear Friends,

We at VITALITY Productions are starting a Monday night reading series. We are in search of new work by playwrights, actors, producers, gymnasts, trash truck drivers and anyone who would like to hear their work read aloud by a group of deliciously dope actors. Not only are we looking for our next theatrical / cinematic production, but are excited at the idea of coming together with a fresh ensemble every week to keep the muscle warm and expose ourselves to innovative artists who are trying to "make it happen."

If you have a play, a screenplay, a one-person show, a short, a narrative or are interested in participating as an actor and/or listener, please let us know. This Monday night will be our second reading. Even if you're on the other coast or in the middle of the country, we'd still love to read your work aloud and give you feedback on the experience.

Thank you in advance. Hope you're all well.

With gratitude,

Nick Mills

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