August 27, 2008

Party Favors becomes today's Punch Pick

Punch Pick: Party Favors by Nicole Sexton

Awhile back I had mentioned the new novel by former GOP fundraiser/turned international activist, Nicole Sexton, called Party Favors: A Novel of Politics and Greed. At the time, Ms. Sexton was in town promoting her book. Fortunately, I got to read it and unfortunately, it ended. Don’t you hate it when a good story comes to its close?

Party Favors is for sure a “Punch Pick”, especially with the conventions and race heating up.
Yes, it’s a juicy tell-all, but in the way of fiction of course. It’s a tale of a young up and coming party planner in New Orleans named Temple Sachet, who takes her sharp mind, quick wit, smarts and people skills all the way to the Hill to make millions for her Party, the Republicans. With graceful humor and candor, Ms. Sexton presents her readers every emotion she probably felt when she lived that life. But don’t think this is all about the professional life Temple lives. The book offers us a well-rounded view of work, romance, personal and family life when succumbing to a world that the heroine did not quite expect.

Party Favors is found in most bookstores now and definitely online. Enjoy and share this Punch Pick.

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