September 03, 2008


Well, it’s finally happened. The GOP has officially shut us down. Our book signing in Minneapolis has been cancelled. Apparently the GOP feels that the book is critical of GOP fundraising and campaign related tactics and therefore a book signing could be embarrassing to the Party.

Nicole doesn’t even work for them anymore! She no longer has any affiliation with the Republican Senate and in fact, the book is critical of fundraising efforts on both sides of the aisle. She had a reading/signing in Denver but the Democrats didn’t shut her down!

Maura Teitelbaum of Abrams Artists Agency issued this statement, “As a first time novelist, it is critical that Nicole make herself available whenever possible to market the book and reach reading audiences. Canceling this event is therefore an even more undue hardship than would otherwise be the case.”

If we’re just an innocent “beach-read” and “chick-lit novel” then why is the GOP so scared of a book signing??? Clearly, they see this book as a threat.

Please help us get the word out about PARTY FAVORS being shut down. Feel free to send this information to your media contacts or anyone you think can be helpful. Feel free to blog about it, post it or yell it from the mountaintops.

People who want more information about this can contact:

Maura Teitelbaum, Abrams Artists Agency


Marina Ein, Ein Communications

Thanks for your help.


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