September 12, 2008

a new website launching

I am very excited to share with you the announcement of our new business - CITY BEAUTY GUIDE. While the information below will introduce you to the concept, this first phase of the business is the most critical and I want to personally ask for your help to get the email circulating. Please click the link below, take the survey (it's quick and easy) and submit your reviews for the beauty or grooming services you do. Please then forward the email below to your friends, family and business associates and ask them to do the same. Remember your Facebook and LinkedIn networks too! Your contribution will help us build a robust database of salon and spa reviews before we launch the fully searchable CITY BEAUTY GUIDE website. Thank you for your time and support. I know you both have such a great network of friends and contacts and hope that you will forward this and ask them to do the survey and spread the word!

xo Julie

We are very excited to introduce you to CITY BEAUTY GUIDE, our new business venture. Our goal is quite simple - to create a comprehensive guide to salons and spas based on collective consumer reviews and ratings.

CITY BEAUTY GUIDE will solve the problem of "too much choice," "best value for money," "how do I know it's really good?" and "don't know where to go" a little like your favorite restaurant guide.

While magazines continue to be a great resource for expert editorial opinion and what's "hot," nothing beats real life recommendations from women who have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly. In the world of beauty and grooming, peer opinion is King (or Queen, as the case may be!).

Before the CITY BEAUTY GUIDE website and book come to life, we need to capture thousands of consumer reviews. We ask you to take this brief online survey and share your opinions of the various salons and spa services that you visit.

Looking and feeling good isn't just our passion, now it's our business. CITY BEAUTY GUIDE will fast become your "go-to" guide to beauty and grooming spots from coast-to-coast, starting with New York City.

So go ahead, in the name of beauty, click here: and share your point of view!


P.S.Please forward this email to your friends, family and associates and ask them to participate.

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