October 21, 2008

LA Times article about How Cissy Grew

It seemed as if most of the neighborhood came out Saturday night for the opening of “How Cissy Grew” at the El Portal Forum Theatre in North Hollywood. Well, Wisteria Lane neighbors, anyway.

That’s because Susan Johnston’s new play about a child kidnapping and its aftermath features James Denton, who plays Joe the plumber — er, I mean Mike the plumber — on “Desperate Housewives.”

Among those on hand to cheer on Denton and cast were Teri Hatcher (please, Teri, eat something), Felicity Huffman (wearing specs and barely noticed in the back of the theater), Doug Savant (Tom on the show) and wife Laura Leighton, Marc Cherry (“Desperate Housewives” creator), Brenda Strong (the mostly unseen “Housewife”), Neal McDonough (this season's new guy), Shawn Pyform (who plays Bree’s kid), as well as William Fichtner (looking way hot — and not nearly as scary as the characters he plays), Carol Lawrence, “Uncle Frank” from the Jimmy Kimmel show and others.

The production is in the small space at the El Portal, so fans of Denton can see him up close — really close. Just know, however, that his wife, Erin J. O’Brien, also stars in this play. So even though Denton will be close enough to touch, you probably should keep your hands to yourself.

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