October 06, 2008

short films needed for SATSANG

A note from producer Misi Lopez Lecube -

As most of you know I'm producing an ongoing new works performance series called SATSANG LOUNGE. We are moving into finalizing the line up for No. 2 -- which takes place on Oct 21 at 7:30. We had a great No. 1 and it's all very exciting stuff however, I'm coming up short on short film submissions.and I turn to you because either you may have a film (20 minutes or less) you'd like to show or know someone who has a short they may want to show at SATSANG.

SATSANG LOUNGE has landed at Theatre Theater in Los Angeles! No. 2 is taking place on OCTOBER 21. Friends and marvelous artists, join us! *Satsang Lounge is an on going new works
performance series where a diverse group of working Los Angeles artists are invited to exhibit,
explore and workshop new works in the company of other artists and an audience.

We had a our SATSANG LOUNGE No. 1 debut on September 23! The performances and film work were fantastic. It was a great success! Also, I have a new partner helping me make all this
happen and her name is Liz Kent! She’s great! We are putting the word out for No. 2 because we
still have a few spots open...

ATTENTION: actors, performers, musicians, filmmakers, dancers, writers -storytellers of all kinds- YOU - who’ve been developing new material and feel NOW is the time to try it out.
Here’s your opportunity! No age limit! Let’s go!

WHEN & WHERE: OCT 21, 7:30pm @ Theatre Theater (5041 Pico Blvd. off La Brea) is home to our SATSANG LOUNGE evenings- it’s a fantastic theater venue that owners Jeff Murray & Nicolette Chaffrey have recently renovated with new sound and lighting and AC! http://www.theatretheater.net/

Performance info: There are 7 to 8 ‘acts’ per Lounge. Each act will have 12 - 20 minutes depending on genre. *Each performer is required tobring at least 4 people to the show. As SATSANG LOUNGE is also an artists collective, performers are welcome to watch each other perform from the audience and are asked to stay for the entire show to enjoy and support and to participate in the group bow at the end. There will be one intermission. *We have an
amazing concessions situation catered by EVERYDAY FEAST so, libations and snacks are
available for purchase before, during and after the show. No need to grab dinner before hand!
Promotions & Business: We do our best to get listed in local publications and local web event
listings. There will also be a press release emailed three weeks in advance, Also, you will receive
postcards to hand out- with your names listed on them, and by all means we ask you to list us in your websites, blogs, etc.!!!

If you are interested in participating in Satsang Lounge LA- you may contact me via emailsatsanglounge@gmail.com

*Past performers and SATSANG LOUNGE Artists Collective Members-- please pass this performance opportunity on to those you know would appreciate! Please be our friend on myspace--- we're www.myspace.com/Satsanglounge.

About Satsang Lounge: The inspiration for Satsang Lounge came when I was looking for an open artist collective, where I couldworkshop new material I was developing for my solo show in NYC.
So, I found a theater and invited other writers, artists, actors, musicians, dancers, poets, painters, filmmakers, magicians, storytellers, DJ'S and who ever else could fit in the venue, to play, present, and explore their newest works in front of one another and an audience and from 1997-2002, I produced and hosted *Satsang Lounge in a community room at New York City's historic West Beth Theater.

*Satsang (Sanskrit sat = true, sanga = company): describes in Indian philosophy (1) the company of the "highest truth," and (2) company of persons who listen to, talk about, and assimilate the truth. This typically involves listening to or reading scriptures, reflecting on, discussing and assimilating their meaning, meditating on the source of these words, and bringing their meaning into one’s daily life.

~I have taken this term and extended it to a company of artistswhere discussing, sharing, witnessing, creating, and being in the company of other artists will inspire more creativity, feed our artistic spirits, and contribute to the realization of our life’s work.

With love. Misi Lopez Lecube

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