February 04, 2009

Short Films Needed

The NYU Tisch West Cinema Club is planning its March – August 2009 screening and guest speaker series. If you know someone who attended NYU and had a prominent role in making a short film that is available for screening, please let us know.

Documentary, fiction, animated, live-action, or music video—if the film has a director, producer, writer, lead actor, or other comparable talent who attended NYU and could appear at a screening, we'd like to hear about it.

Each selected film receives promotion and a one-time screening with an alumni-related feature film at the AFI. The event includes audience Q&A (for the feature) and a reception. Last year's features included The Eye, Get Smart, Hamlet 2, and Smart People.

To apply, see the entry form at http://www.tischwest.com


NYU Tisch West is an alliance of LA-based alumni from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. NYU Tisch West exists to increase the visibility of Tisch alumni working in the entertainment industry and to create professional inter-departmental collaborations and cross-generational relationships between alumni. NYU Tisch West is headed by The Tisch West Alumni Council, a working board that serves as 1) the link between LA alumni and Tisch; 2) the organizational arm for fundraising efforts in LA; and 3) a bridge to ease the transition for alumni from East Coast to West -- the classroom to the entertainment business.

For more info, see http://www.tischwest.com

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