April 02, 2009

life and food coaching by susan marque

New Day - New Built For Your Budget Class


Join the fun now on Tuesday nights! (or Wednesday morning if you are in Australia's time zone.) Built For Your Budget gets you 4 times as much time for your money with inspirational coaching to get you where you want to be.

Sign up now at http://www.susanmarque.com/4weeksforyou
the new session starts April 7th at 6pm (Pacific time)

You might even want to let me know ahead of time what you would like to work on in particular.

Would you like to let go of that last 10lbs.?
Would you like to know what foods will give you incredible energy or what foods can unknowingly drain you?
Would you like to find ways to make cooking go quicker?
Do you need travel food tips to stay slender, well and happy?
Would you like to improve the quality of your relationships?
How would a happier work situation be for you?
What is your current environment that you are living in and what might be better?

You can be living a higher quality of life no matter what your economic status.

Let's begin and start creating magic and miracles in every day!

Join us http://www.susanmarque.com/4weeksforyou and tell your friends!!

Enrollment is very limited so please sign up right now! I look forward to talking with you soon!!!

Food & Life Coach Susan Marque

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