June 29, 2010

back to the blogosphere

hello followers,

i am back in the blogosphere and apologize for the lack of activity on this site for the past few months. having been actively blogging for several years now, i decided to take a break and focus on my own writing. good news -- the second novel has been picked up by a publisher, the screenplay is out to market and i'm happily finishing the first draft of my third novel (this time, it's for me!) so it's been a very productive writing time.

with that said, constant creator is back up and running and i hope you will send links and opps to me via the comments link. and please, become a follower of the site, link to your blog or pass this link on to friends.

the more you send me, the more i'll post and that helps artists connect to each other. become an active part of our growing community. holler back!


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