July 11, 2010

Creative Connections Fund

The Creative Connections Fund supports the expansion of diverse, relevant arts and cultural offerings in local communities across California. The fund targets small and midsize arts organizations and offers project grants of up to $50,000, over a maximum of two years, through an open, competitive review process.

The Creative Connections Fund aims to support small and midsize arts organizations because they play an important role in the arts ecosystem. They have close ties to their communities, present aesthetics that have particular relevance to their audiences, and involve local artists. These smaller organizations support local creativity and add to the cultural vibrancy of their neighborhoods and cities and, ultimately, the state.

Most of our Arts grants are the result of invited proposals from organizations with annual budgets greater than $2 million, many of whom are long-term Irvine partners. The Creative Connections Fund is an important complement to our invitational portfolio and a way to reach smaller arts organizations of all artistic disciplines and aesthetics through an open process.

Geographically, we give preference to arts organizations outside San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. The Bay Area’s arts sector has funding resources that far exceed those of other regions of the state, and as a statewide organization, Irvine has decided to focus attention on areas that are, by comparison, underserved by philanthropy.

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