July 14, 2010

reposting to facebook

For those of you who have been following this blog from the beginning, first off - thank you and secondly, I want to let you know I will be reposting some past creativity exercises to the Facebook page for The Constant Creator in case you'd like to revisit that process.

The entries and exercises are from several years ago when I first started writing this blog - the first series of exercises is based in music - using music to inspire, support and enhance our work. If you'd like to check out those postings, they are still here, in the archives. Just scroll down and click on the November link all the way at the bottom.

If you're on Facebook and you prefer to use that site, I will be posting the old entries, one per day. I will not be doubling the information here since it is all in the archives.

Here is an example of what will be reposted:

a sense of place

“I think actors sometimes don’t give their characters a sense of place.”  ~ Kevin Bacon

I have no idea what Kevin Bacon means in this quote. Is it an actor’s job to develop the sense of place or is it the writer’s job? Is the viewer responsible for understanding a painter’s sense of place or is that the painter’s job? Does a composer have the responsibility to develop place within his melody? Does that burden fall to a director or a scenic designer or a costume designer? What is this “sense of place” – how does an artist establish it, use it, need it? Can music help us establish a sense of place?

Who knew that Kevin Bacon was such a philosopher?


Pick a specific place – such as a country, an island, a city, a house, a town, a club, a state, a region – and explore its music. Perhaps you pick Jamaica and spend the day listening to Bob Marley. Maybe you pick the Louisiana bayou and spend the day researching Zydeco. Maybe you loved Puerto Rico so download some salsa. Maybe your childhood home always had classical music playing in the kitchen. Use that as your inspiration. What is the music that defines a specific place you are writing about, singing about, composing for, painting, sculpting, shooting, designing for, inspired by?

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