November 05, 2007

request a tree in nyc

You can request that the Parks Department plant a tree on your street by following this link: =request_street_tree

As the Parks Department begins implementing Million Trees NYC, the agency is introducing a more systematic approach to tree planting on streets, parks and other public lands by targeting specific NYC neighborhoods. Neighborhoods are being selected for tree planting activities based upon high prevalence of asthma among residents coupled with cumulative tree planting opportunities identified by the 2006 Tree Census sponsored by the Parks Department. By focusing public resources on targeted neighborhoods, communities will experience a more dramatic change in their urban landscape-at the same time, public resources will be utilized more effectively and efficiently.In tandem with the agency's neighborhood tree planting strategy, the Parks Department will continue to fulfill individual street tree requests.

In order to have your street tree request considered for the spring planting season (March-May), your request must be received no later than December 1st. To have your street tree request considered for the fall planting season (October-December), your request must be received by July 1st. Due to timing and the number of request the Parks Department receives, your request may take longer that expected. Please be aware that underground utilities, low electrical wires, light posts and building entrances may prevent the Parks Department from being able to fulfill street tree requests. The Parks Department will let you know if your site is unsuitable for planting.New York City home and land owners also have the ability to plant a street tree by obtaining a Tree Planting Permit from the Parks Department and hiring a landscape contractor to plant an approved street tree.

To request a free permit to plant a street tree in front of your home or business, call 311.For one-stop street tree permitting and, planting the New York Tree Trust can assist in site and species selection, permitting and the planting process. For more details, contact the New York Tree Trust at 212-360-TREE.

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