November 07, 2007

strike info in LA

Daily Creator Esther Chae sends us this information about how to join the picket lines in Los Angeles.

Dear fellow Writers, Actors, Directors & Friends of the Creative Community.

I don't have anything free, except Free T-Shirts. That's right. Actually this is really about workers being compensated fairly for labor. So, the WGA is continuing our strike at all the major studios. Our new fight the power T-shirts are in, so come out and march. Grab a T-Shirt, a picket sign and march with us. It's still not too late to join us before the fun is over. I'm a strike captain over at Paramount Pictures so I'll be there Wednesday starting a 8:30 am for the morning shift that goes til 1pm. Second shift begins at 1 til 5 pm. But come anytime. Doesn't matter if you are late. The main gate at Melrose and Windsor is the party place.

We've had over 3000 WGA members picketing over 14 studios the each day the first two day. We were join by SAG, DGA, PGA, Teamsters, IATSE friends and supporters. Also there has been the world press and honking cars and trucks of supporters.

Click on the link below for other places you can show up and show your support.

Big Picket Line: There will be one picket for all WGA members and our supporters at Fox on Friday November 9th at 10:00 am. Thousands at Fox on Friday.

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