April 03, 2008

teaching the arts

* Assistant Professor of Theatre History/Dramatic Literature University of Central Florida (Florida) (date posted: 3/31/2008) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000553761-01&pg=e

* Chair of Production Design Savannah College of Art and Design (Georgia) (date posted: 3/28/2008) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000554724-01&pg=e

* Stage Manager/Space Supervisor University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Minnesota) (date posted: 3/31/2008) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000554941-01&pg=e

* Assitant Professor of Theatre Technology, Assistant Professor of Theatre Lighting Design, and Artist In Residence Oklahoma City University (Oklahoma) (date posted: 4/1/2008) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000555098-01&pg=e

* Technical Theatre, one year appointment Westminster College (Pa.) (Pennsylvania) (date posted: 3/31/2008) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000554008-01&pg=e

* Lecturer in Theatre Stephen F. Austin State University (Texas) (date posted: 4/2/2008) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000555196-01&pg=e

* Technical Director/Instructor University of Virginia's College at Wise (Virginia) (date posted: 4/1/2008) http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000554966-01&pg=e

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