May 19, 2008

let the blogging begin

The bloggers are starting to talk about our book PARTY FAVORS - check out this listing at the Famous DC blog

Nicole Sexton’s dirty little secret
May 6, 2008

Former NRSC fundraiser and soon to be author, Nicole Sexton, has some hill staffers anxiously nervously awaiting her soon to be released book, “Party Favors,” which gives a “witty peek into the secretive world of political fundraising in D.C.”

So why are hillers so anxious? Because some of them might soon have reluctant starring roles in her book.

According to Sexton: “It really is a D.C. novel. And of course there will be those that enjoy looking for clues to familiar faces.”

When asked about her pervious job, specifically a dirty little secret about the NRSC finance department, Sexton claims, “It is the dirty little secret about political fundraising. … It’s an ugly industry.”

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