May 19, 2008

party favors hits the blogosphere

More bloggers start their chatter about our book - check out this post at Politico. com

"Party favors”

It’s now time for the semi-regular Q&A series, this time with former NRSC finance director Nicole Sexton, now with the ONE campaign. Why? ’Cause she wrote a book, “Party Favors,” which is being described as “Primary Colors” meets “The Devil Wears Prada.”

Allegedly Hillers have been “bombarding the publisher to get early galleys,” according to Sexton’s publicist. “The publisher is guarding the manuscript with extra security — hoping to keep the launch date without leaks,” we’re told.


Q: The plot, in one line?

A: Party Favors gives a deliciously witty peek into the secretive world of political fundraising in D.C. The novel tracks the meteoric rise and fall of the young Temple Sachet, the Big Money Babe of the Republican Senate.

Q: Which characters will we recognize?

A: The characters are compilations of many people that I have worked with throughout my career in fundraising. While the experiences and Temple’s journey are based on my own experiences, there is no character that is an exact reflection of a real person.

Q:What were your friends’/bosses’ reactions when they learned you were writing your “Devil Wears Prada?”

A: For the most part proud and excited, especially at ONE and my close friends, but I haven’t heard from all my former colleagues.

Q: Favorite part of the book?

A: I really am proud of the whole work … but when she rediscovers her “true North” and follows her heart … that’s the good stuff!

Q: Is there a rock star who wears shades in the book?

A: There is a rock star who is very, very cool!

Q: If you’ve learned one thing from working in politics, what is it?

A: That there is good and bad in us all and it is very easy to forget what the words “public service” actually mean.

Q:Best politician to model a character on?

A: The one who never forgets why they came to Washington.

Q: And worst pol to do so?

A: The one who never really understood why they were inWashington.

Q:What will CapHillers love most about this story?

A: The familiar sights, sounds and experiences. … It really is a D.C. novel. And of course there will be those that enjoy looking for clues to familiar faces.

Q:What’s the dirty little secret about the NRSC finance dept?

A: It is the dirty little secret about political fundraising. … It’s an ugly industry.

Q:Bullfeathers or Tortilla Coast? Lounge 201 or Union Pub? Senate or House?

A: Tortilla Coast — I am from the South … and my next door neighbor owns it! Lounge 201 — lots of great memories. Senate — was then and am now!

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